Selected cases of 2018: a motley bunch

We’ll share a bunch of projects from diverse clients that we had enormous fun working with in 2018.


This is the second portion of the projects from 2018 that we are sharing on the blog. In this edition we’ll share a bunch of projects from diverse clients that we had enormous fun working with. For more detailed case studies check our portfolio.

Espoon eskimot

Espoon Eskimot is a passionate community of kayaking lovers. They are so passionate that their myriad of events, courses, and announcements didn’t fit on the old website anymore. We redesigned the site structure and content to better serve members of the organisation and new visitors.

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Going solo is scary. When starting an independent business, claiming your own identity is important. We created a brand new website for a young law firm. Simple and approachable, it helped the company to kick-start the business.

See the website here:


Another example of a new venture taking off with our help. This time literally! As the name suggests, these guys work up in the air, providing industrial services with rope access. We helped to define the MVP portraying them as a team of trusted professionals that they are. This project is an example of efficient use of available resources. We all remember what it’s like to start a business!

Take a look:


Doorie empowers consumers to design personalized living environments by customizing Ikea furniture. We designed the site structure providing the client with tools for expressing their creativity. Customer journey was analyzed to guide the user through the process of designing and purchasing a composite product. We helped to set up an online store using WooCommerce functionality.

Fancy a new look for your furniture?


Diamonds and 3D printing. One obsession has been around for decades, and the other one is quite recent. Carbodeon patented unique technologies for deploying nanodiamonds in 3D printing. Their dated image didn’t reflect the innovative nature of the company. Navigating the site and purchasing the parts were trickier than necessary. We updated the website to a more modern and focused version bringing seamless functionality to the user experience.

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