Craft a unique user experience

Our designs don't only look good, they also perform! At Contrast we put the user’́s experience first to help growth-focused brands to strive.

Cornerstones of our design approach

__Focus__ The thing we do best is minimalist design combined with strong UX expertise. We focus our competence development on these areas, so we dare to claim that better UX/UI as well as visual design skills than ours are hard to find. __Do less, better.__ We always strive to exceed the expectations of ourselves and the customer. We believe that less is more and by understanding the customer’s core needs and focusing on the right things, we achieve better results without compromising on quality. __A+ team__ We truly have the industry leaders designing solutions for our customers. In addition to personal talent, our designers have a university degree in the design field and own the world's leading research-based UX certificate from Nielsen Norman Group.

UX - User Experience Design

With high-quality user experience design, we ensure that the interaction between the service and the user works seamlessly. Adopting a human-centric approach we ensure that every website design is aligned with the needs and expectations of the users.

UI - User Interface Design

The interfaces we create are always easy-to-use and intuitive, bringing clients close to the brand. We ensure that the user interface contains all the needed functions and elements, and we ensure that the structure of the user interface conforms to the user's natural way of operating.

Visual design

We have strong expertise on visual and graphic design, and we offer logo design, icons, infographics, illustrations and animations. Our core competencies are also broader brand audits and brand identity. We also offer website, e-commerce and user interface layout design, separate from development.

Our work

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Relex Solutions
Relex Solutions

Comprehensive brand audit, website redesign and future-proof technical development for Relex Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of retail optimization software