A modern, cloud-based content management system that excels in multi-channel implementations.

Our Contentful expertise in a nutshell

We specialize in leveraging the Contentful system as a website content management system. In addition to technical and design expertise, we prioritize the design of the content model,especially in Contentful-based implementations. Our team has more than a decade of experience in designing complex content models, which helps us create a solid and long-lasting foundation for your project.

Why Contentful?

Contentful differs substantially from traditional publishing platforms by completely separating content management from visual presentation. Contentful offers an unparalleled solution specifically for content management. Contentful also provides high-performance, versatile, and scalable interfaces for retrieving content. Contentful's interface is very easy to use, clear and fast. The greatest strength of Contentful's interface is simplicity, as everything unnecessary has been stripped away. Contentful focuses on feature quality instead of feature list length and has done very well. Contentful is an excellent choice for a content management system if the content is to be published on several different channels, or when you want to completely separate content management and its presentation for some other reason.

What we offer

Contrast offers the implementation of a Contentful-based project from start to finish, from design to maintenance.

Our work

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International Solidarity Foundation
International Solidarity Foundation

Website, branding and online donation process planning for International Solidarity Foundation. Helping their fight to eradicate poverty and violence against women.